Projects Care & Education Kings Care Foundation was formed as a new project by PVF UK 3 years ago.  It is all about providing family-based care for children.  We started with 4 children who were living on the streets of Accra, this number soon rose to 5.  We are sponsoring them to attend school. Every Sunday they attend church, having been picked up and taken there. These children are not without adult supervision.  In two cases the parents are around, but unable to provide for them and they are living on the streets together.  In cases like this we provide upkeep for their food and clothing. When we have built up a fund for KCF we can begin to take on street children who have no adult care and provide Christian foster families for them. In Ghana’s north we are sponsoring children from poor families with no working parent to attend school.  Christian Outreach Ministry World Gospel Missionary Ministries is a well-established Christian ministry in Ghana’s North.  We are helping to build simple mud churches in several locations for newly formed congregations. We provide occasional financial support to the Pastors.  We sponsor (and take part in) organised village evangelism events. We are also involved in providing training seminars for Pastors and church workers Children’s Ministry & Youth Work We are supporting the development of a well organised children’s ministry and youth work under the leadership of Pastor Joseph Benahene of WGMM, and assisted by some of his team. Bettyked Preparatory School Diamond Children’s Foundation has supported the school with gifts of dolls, clothing, books and computer accessories. The school meets in a house, but it is growing and needs further classrooms. It has purchased land to build 2 more classrooms, but needs to construct the building. This is projected to cost about £3,000. Joseph Benahene’s House Joseph, the pastor in the North of Ghana, has been renting living accomodation. However, he is not able to continue with this arrangement and is seeking to build a mud house ( like the mud churches we helped build - see history section) to live in.