Welcome to the website of Diamond Children’s Foundation                           We hope these pages will give you a good insight into the kind of Charity that we are. Explore the site and contact us if there is anything more you want to know. Praise Valley Foundation UK was registered as a charity in England in June 2002 (Charity Number 1092686). We knew this was the way forward for us after raising money in an organised fashion for 2 years amongst our friends, work colleagues and family members. In 2013 we changed the name to Diamond Children’s Foundation to avoid confusion with anothe charity using a similar name and to commemorate Gilbert’s late wife Doris, who was widely known as Diamond. Our work can be summarised by the phrase “bringing hope to the underprivileged” within the context of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is exemplified by our targeting street children in Ghana’s capital and poorer children in the rural North for help.